Saturday, June 30, 2012

A new lei in progress

Here’s a picture of the new lei. I wanted to share it for two reasons. It uses the other pattern that’s easy to make with two colors. It’s kind of a checkerboard, or maybe a lazy spiral. Also, the last of the darned spots are just braided in here. I’m happy with how it turned out. The darning made the ribbon quite stiff, so I was afraid those patches wouldn’t bend or hold their folds right. But they’re fine; I can’ spot the darning unless I look carefully.


Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Whoever decided that “darn it” is a mild curse never had to darn four separate chewed spots on a quarter inch ribbon. I’m suspicious they didn’t have to darn socks, either, but they certainly didn’t have to darn such a narrow ribbon. {wry look}

Valentine found an orange-and-cream ribbon lei I’d just started a couple of nights ago. I didn’t realize how much he was chewing it, and I certainly didn’t realize how much damage he’d done before I got it away from him. He actually chewed six places, but two are by the end, and don’t really affect the strength of the ribbon. The other four are more central, and torn up badly enough, I had to darn them to make sure they didn’t break during or after braiding. I did most of the darning last night… Boy, does that take patience! {Lop-sided smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ribbon Leis

One hobby I’ve gotten back to recently is braiding ribbon leis. It doesn’t take a lot of thought, so it’s great for keeping my hands busy while I think. I do prefer to have something to do, so I’m not just staring off into space while I’m working something out. {Smile}
Since some of you haven’t seen my ribbon leis, I took a couple of pictures. Besides, it was a way to try out my new camera on something easily repeatable if I messed up. {Smile}

Here are the leis I’ve finished more-or-less recently. Two are blue and gold, because my Dad and I needed new ones in our high school colors; our old ones went to visiting aunts who also went to Hilo High School:

Ribbon Leis, I made these May and June

Here is the lei I’m working on now:

Ribbon Lei in Progress, June 2012

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Friday, June 15, 2012

Camera update

I’ve been slowly figuring out my digital camera. Early this week, Dad looked it over, installed batteries, set the date, and showed me how to turn it on and take a picture. Today, I figured out how to copy the picture from the camera to my computer. It would have been easier if the manufacturer’s directions mentioned you need to turn it on before you copy from it. I suppose that’s supposed to be obvious, but it’s a lot more obvious in hindsight than ahead of time. {rueful chuckle, Smile}

Anyway, I have a picture of the ribbon leis I’ve worked on recently, and another of the one I’m currently working on. I’ll share it… when I feel more like figuring out how I’ve shared photos before. There’s enough looking up of stuff I’ve forgotten involved, this it isn’t going to get done today. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello, {smile}

Well, my computer went back to the shop a couple of weeks ago. Dad’s had to go in before mine came back, so I was offline entirely for a while there. I’m caught up again, and my computer might really be fixed this time. It helps to replace a non-working video card with one that works reliably. The tech hopes she did that this time.  {Smile}

Dad’s computer is back, too, and appears to be working better. I certainly hope so. {Smile}

I hope our computers stay fixed for a while. That would help me get my online activities in better order. The break I’m taking from Facebook is going well, except that I’m finding it hard to stay away from mindless online games when I’m done keeping up with my friends thru email, LiveJournal, blogs, the alt.books.m-lackey newsgroup, and Goodreads. I’m afraid none of those take that long. {rueful smile}

I don’t suppose anyone has suggestions about how to revitalize things? I’m trying, but I’m afraid I’m kind of stuck so far. So I’d really appreciate any suggestions. {wistful smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin