Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ribbon Leis

One hobby I’ve gotten back to recently is braiding ribbon leis. It doesn’t take a lot of thought, so it’s great for keeping my hands busy while I think. I do prefer to have something to do, so I’m not just staring off into space while I’m working something out. {Smile}
Since some of you haven’t seen my ribbon leis, I took a couple of pictures. Besides, it was a way to try out my new camera on something easily repeatable if I messed up. {Smile}

Here are the leis I’ve finished more-or-less recently. Two are blue and gold, because my Dad and I needed new ones in our high school colors; our old ones went to visiting aunts who also went to Hilo High School:

Ribbon Leis, I made these May and June

Here is the lei I’m working on now:

Ribbon Lei in Progress, June 2012

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin