Friday, January 28, 2011

My birthday

On Tuesday, we celebrated my birthday. I meant to tell about it earlier, but somehow it's Friday already. {apologetic smile}

My birthday was very nice, in a quiet sort of way. I like quiet celebrations, so that's good. {Smile}

Breakfast was French Toast with Portuguese sweet bread. Portuguese sweet bread really is bread that tastes sweet, unlike the other "sweet bread" which is no such thing. {Smile}

I opened presents before dinner, with my parents popping in and out to see what I got and get other things done, too. It was their choice. {Smile}

Dinner was chicken piccatta. In our house, that's also called "chicken katsu with caper sauce." You could also replace the veal in vienner schnitzel with chicken, and add a caper sauce. Elsewhere, bread the chicken, fry it, add a caper sauce, and translate. {Smile}

Dessert was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Of course. I love chocolate too much not to choose that! {REALLY BIG GRIN, wink}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin