Sunday, September 9, 2012

Valentine’s Bad Day

Sorry I’ve been quiet recently. Nothing much has been happening. I’ve done chores, read and answered letters and posts, and played games, but nothing happened that seemed worth sharing. {Smile}

Friday, something finally happened. Valentine, my cat, wishes it hadn’t, but it did. {spread hands, smile}

After Dad and I ran an errand, I left a small paper bag on the counter, meaning to check with my parents before I threw it away.

A short while later, while I was Dad heard banging in the kitchen. He wondered what was wrong, but he was busy reading on the bed. Next thing he knew, Valentine wandered in from the kitchen with this small paper bag stuck over his head. He was walking around, banging into the bed and other things because he couldn’t see thru the bag. Dad got up to help when he realized the problem, and started to follow Valentine. Dad caught up with Valentine in the dining room. He quickly snatched the bag off Valentine’s head. Valentine promptly yowled loudly several times. We aren’t sure whether he was protesting the bag, or the speed with which Dad took it off, but he made it very clear he wasn’t happy with the situation!

I came to check on the yowling as soon as I could. By then, Dad had crumpled up the bag and tossed it so this couldn’t happen again; it was too small for most uses anyway. Dad was worried Valentine had hurt himself banging into things, but once he stopped yowling, he acted pretty normal. So I guess this had a happy ending. I do plan to be more careful with bags in the future. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin