Fans of Mercedes Lackey Link List/Directory

Fans of Mercedes Lackey Link List/Directory
·         Member Social Groups:
o   alt.books.m-lackey, the Usenet newsgroup (on Google Groups):!forum/alt.books.m-lackey
o   alt.books.m-lackey Refugees - Fans of Mercedes Lackey (on Facebook):
o   Mercedes Lackey Fan Club (on Facebook):  
o   Secret World Chronicle (on Facebook):
·         Groups’ Information Sites:
o   The ABML FAQ (Thanks to Megan Thomas for keeping the FAQ up-to-date and giving it a home):
o   The Fans of Fantasy and Science Fiction Link List/Directory:
o   The Secret World Chronicle Official Homepage:
o   The Secret World Chronicle Wiki:
·         Other Links of Interest:
o   Mercedes Lackey’s Official Homepage:
o   Mercedes Lackey’s official Facebook page:
o   Mercedes Lackey’s official twitter feed:
o   Goodread’s entry on Mercedes Lackey:
o   Wikipedia’s entry on her:
·         Links to Members’ Websites:
o   Anne Elizabeth Baldwin’s, “Anne’s Notes:”
o   David Burrow’s “David Burrows - Fantasy Author and Tips on Writing a Book:”
o   David Burrow’s “David's Fantasy Jokes:”
o   David Burrow’s “The Prophecy of Kings (website):”
o   Nancy Laney’s “The Data Designer” (The Bookwurm’s Business):
o   Shaunesay Eslanai’s “The Space Between:”
·         Affiliates:
o   Quarrels and Quills” (bulletin-board roleplaying):
o   Quarrels and Quills Outpost 1”:
·         Affiliates’ Information Sites:
o   Quarrels and Quills’ Facebook page:

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