Thursday, April 17, 2014

{indescribable look}

Remind me that I don't want a chimpanzee. {wry smile}

Tonight, we had flying termites in the dining room and kitchen. Not a whole lot – it seems to be the first termite swarm of spring – but Dad and I were busy trying to kill them. Not that either of us are particularly good at catching termites, but the flying ones are the breeders, so we really want to kill them before they start new colonies in our house and our furniture. {wry look}

A few days ago, Dad got a magazine with a picture of a chimp catching flying termites. (Apparently termites are a chimp delicacy.) She was having a grand time, and far more success than Dad and I had tonight. However, chimps are strong enough, I'm sure one would do more damage to our furniture, house, etc. than even the termites. {wry chuckle, half-smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin