Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Facebook {Sigh}

I must be nuts. {rueful smile}

I'm having a challenge keeping up with email, LiveJournal, Blogger, abml (a usenet newsgroup), my leisure reading, and the lap time Valentine wants. So what do I do? I join Facebook. Tho it wasn't my idea. One cousin joined, and got her sister to. They brought in the second cousin's boys... so hopefully I'll hear something from these relatives. They've been disgustingly quiet for entirely too long, so we've pretty much drifted apart. If they use Facebook more than email, phone, or snail mail maybe I'll finally get to know them again. {Chuckle, SMILE}

So who on here is on Facebook? And how do we find each other? {pause} I notice something about searching by name and email. I went in under "Anne Elizabeth Baldwin" and my public email, " anneb @ aloha . net " (without spaces, in the case of the email). {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin