Friday, June 15, 2012

Camera update

I’ve been slowly figuring out my digital camera. Early this week, Dad looked it over, installed batteries, set the date, and showed me how to turn it on and take a picture. Today, I figured out how to copy the picture from the camera to my computer. It would have been easier if the manufacturer’s directions mentioned you need to turn it on before you copy from it. I suppose that’s supposed to be obvious, but it’s a lot more obvious in hindsight than ahead of time. {rueful chuckle, Smile}

Anyway, I have a picture of the ribbon leis I’ve worked on recently, and another of the one I’m currently working on. I’ll share it… when I feel more like figuring out how I’ve shared photos before. There’s enough looking up of stuff I’ve forgotten involved, this it isn’t going to get done today. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin