Sunday, April 15, 2012

I hope I’m back

{peek in} Anyone still here? I do hope so! {tentative smile}

I’m very sorry that I disappeared for so long. {bite lips} I kind of fell sick last summer, and only got well again last month. Oh, I wasn’t sick with the same thing the whole time. At least four illnesses managed to overlap in a way that I wasn’t well for entirely too long. {apologetic smile}

Anyway, I am better now. So I’m trying to rebuild my life without taking on too much at once. I’m probably being too careful about taking things slowly, but I’d rather fight some frustration and boredom than risk a relapse. {wry smile}

Anyway, I’m now trying to get back to reading my friends’ blogs, and at least occasionally writing in my own. I do hope this works, because I’ve missed everyone quite a bit. {Hopeful Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin