Saturday, January 25, 2014

My birthday

Well, this has been a nice birthday so far. {Smile}

It's been particularly food-oriented. My parents and I had Portuguese sweet bread buns for breakfast. (Yes, they really are bread and really are sweet, unlike some other "sweet bread." {wink})

Then I had a long and leisurely lunch at a nice restaurant with a couple of friends. Talk about a surprise! I've read about birthday lunches with the girls, but I'm not sure I've ever been to one before. Certainly not as the birthday girl. It was such a nice treat! One gave me lotion in a shopping bag with a very cute kitty on it, and the other gave me a card as well as lunch. I had coconut limeade and a mushroom burger, while my friends had wine and I forget which main courses they ordered. We shared cucumber sushi, Italian herb bread, and passion fruit ice cream. (Um, have I mentioned recently that Hawai'i can be quite cheerfully blatant about multiculturalism?) And we talked a talked... we left the restaurant two hours after we got there. {chuckle, HAPPY SMILE}

For dinner, my parents and I had pork with apples for the main course, with buns, sparkling cider, and chocolate cake for dessert. I chose them, and was very happy with the results. My presents are mostly still in the mail, but Dad did give me a book I'd noticed about Nainoa Thompson, who may have helped start the modern Hawaiian Renaissance when he brought back Polynesian navigation and canoe-building techniques as re-creational Archeology. That should be interesting reading. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin