Wednesday, August 13, 2014

{peek in}

I've gone quiet again, haven't I? Sorry about that. I seem to have developed an odd, rhythmic spasm in my chest. Depending on intensity, speed, and such, it may feel like quivering, fluttering, or pounding. Fortunately, there's no pain involved, and I can detect my heartbeat's pairs of beats slower and steady under the more evenly spaced spasms if I remember to check.

My doctor doesn't know what it is, but he doesn't think it's life threatening. Not when I can find my pulse, and when there's no pain involved. However, he doesn't know whether it's cardiac, respirational, or muscular. So he's sending me to a cardiologist on the 22nd to see if he can figure out anything more specific.

I can hardly wait. It is good to know  they're probably not life-threatening, but they can still be quite debilitating. So I'd like to know what they are and how to manage them. Then maybe I can get my life back again, at least until the next crazy health incident crops up, as they do a few times a decade. {lop-sided smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  1. I hope they figure out what's wrong! I think (for me at least) it's always easier to know what you're dealing with. I hope you feel better soon. I'll be praying for you.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I agree. Knowing what's wrong is better, even if it's bad news. At least I know what not to worry about then. Oddly enough, just knowing where to focus my worry helps. {Smile}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin