Thursday, July 19, 2012

general update

My computer decided to not turn on over half the time starting on Sunday. Since it was intermittent, I tried to live with it for a while, but I only got it to turn on once on Sunday, twice on Monday, and once on Tuesday. I need a more reliable computer than that. So Dad and I took it in on Wednesday, and I'm borrowing Dad's computer to keep up on the net until they get mine back to me. I sure hope they fix it this time. This is the fourth time we've taken it in this year. {frustrated look}
Otherwise things are going nicely. My writing might be doing better, the orange and cream lei turned out nicely, and the next lei has begun nicely, too. So life is mixed fun and frustration until they fix my computer. {resigned smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  1. Computer malfunctions are the worst for writing. :( I'm glad the lei turned out well.

    1. Yeah. Theoretically I could write on Dad's computers, but my files aren't arranged the same. That's distracting, and so is knowing that my own computer isn't working. {rueful smile}

      Yes, at least the lei turned out well. So something is going right. {Smile}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin