Saturday, July 28, 2012

Computer and such

I know I've been quiet this past week. I blame computer trouble for that. If I continue to be quiet for the next couple of weeks or so, blame continued computer trouble, plus the Olympics. {Smile}

My computer has been in the shop for a week and a half. They did try to return it because they couldn't find anything wrong, but it still didn't work, so we took it back. They couldn't get it to work either at that point. Now they've decided that since they've replaced the video card twice this year already, it might be the motherboard. They've sent that to the manufacturer, and hope for a replacement in 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.

{sigh} That's a long time to wait. They can give us an old loaner if we can just got to them while they're open... maybe Monday. It won't be like having my own computer, but at least I won't be depriving Dad of his computer so much. {small smile}

Beyond that, the Olympics have begun. I usually get distracted trying to watch the gymnastics and such. I'm sure I will this year, too. At least my computer trouble shouldn't mess up that at all. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  1. I admit I don't usually follow the summer Olympics, but I love the figure skating and ice dancing over the winter Olympics. :) I can see how the gymnastics would be very distracting.

  2. I love figure skating and ice dancing, too. They both have a lot of artistry in them, since they're really performing dance on ice skates. {Smile}

    Artistic Gymanstics, despite it's name, doesn't have as much artistry, tho the women's gymnastics has it's moments. The summer sports that have the most artistry are Synchronized Swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Synchronized Swimming is like performing dance in water. Rhythmic Gymnastics is performing dance involving balls, ribbons, hoops, and a couple of similar items. Since my true love is dance, competitive or otherwise, I love both of these. {SMILE}

    They should be on sometime next week. I'll certainly be looking forward to them. I wish we'd see more than we will, but America isn't strong in either sport. {lop-sided smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin