Friday, July 3, 2015

Book Binding Wordplay

I'd like to share a bit of wordplay about a book I've been binding. {Smile}

When preparing a book to have a particular kind of cover attached, one of the last steps is gluing in... a piece of paper that goes from one end paper right over the spine to the other end paper. This paper is called the “super.” {Smile}

The book I’ve been binding is my own collection of the short stories associated with the Secret World Chronicles series, which is about superheroes. (The series has been contributed to by Mercedes Lackey, Steve Libbey, Veronica Giguere, Cody Martin, and Dennis Lee, but I only found stories by the first three to include in my book.) {Smile}
So, meaning to offense to anyone who actually worked on the series, here are some pictures of me adding the “super” to my little book of Secret World Chronicles short stories with their superheroes. {wink, Smile}

I promise to share the book when it's done. No, it's not done yet, and I've stopped holding my breath for that. It's currently waiting for Dad to finish the cover so I can attach it to the book. Unfortunately, Dad has to finish a more urgent project first, and as usual, Dad's not rushing at all. {lop-sided smile}
Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  1. So you are `super' gluing. :)

    1. Yes, I guess I am, Chicory, even tho I'm using library paste. {wink, BROAD SMILE}