Friday, August 23, 2013

Large Print Science Fiction and Fantasy

I've been wondering about something. Does anyone know of good sources for large print "dead-tree" science fiction and fantasy books? Or for science fiction and fantasy e-books that can be formatted and printed for your own use?

I'm not trying to go into publishing; I'm just trying to get a wider variety of reading material for my mother. She's decided she needs large print. She wants absolutely nothing to do with either audiobooks or ebooks. She's more emphatic about wanting large print dead-tree books than I am about preferring dead-tree myself. {chuckle, Smile}

I know more folks on here lean the opposite way, but I thought I'd ask in case anyone happened to notice something. It could happen, and I'd really appreciate it. I'm more than slightly frustrated with the limited variety I've found so far. Mom particularly likes Misty, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, and Georgette Heyer (the only non-SF writer among her favorites). While they all wrote quite a bit, only Heyer seems to have much available in large print, and even that is mostly used. {rueful smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Edited To Add: By "Misty," I mean Mercedes Lackey. I wrote to a group of fans who use that nickname of hers first, and forgot to replace that with her full name when I decided to ask here, too. I'm sorry for any confusion. {apologetic smile}



  1. I'm afraid I don't know of any, but I hope you find someone who does. I love my e-book for travel and for being able to change the font size, but I gotta say, I like knowing my print books are never going to disappear due to a glitch. (I've never had a problem with my e-book, I just don't trust technology.) I can definitely understand wanting to stick with actual, trustworthy paper. I'm just sorry its made those books so hard for your mom to find.

    1. Thanks anyway. {Smile}

      I am finding a little, with some help from friends. I'm just not happy with the limited variety. Mom decided she needed large print this year, after Dad and I got her several large print books for Christmas and their anniversary last year, and her birthday early this year. She started with maybe 10-12. We're now up to 24, 20 of which she particularly likes. For a woman who reads about a book a day, this is a very limited selection. That's why I want to find her some more. {Smile}

      Yeah, I don't trust e-books, either. I haven't lost them, but I've lost other files several times. I've also had quite a few files become unreadable over the years because I don't have a program that understands them anymore. Often, I don't even have a computer that can run the programs that used to read my older files. Converting to new formats helps, but that's extra work. Besides, it only works if the old files and the new program let me do that. Overall, e-books seem too temporary for comfort. {lop-sided smile}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    2. P.S. An aunt and cousin gave her a few of her large print books, too; Dad and I didn't give her quite everything there. {Smile}