Sunday, May 26, 2013

Foot trouble

Well, I have a badly infected foot. It started a little over a week ago, with a badly itchy foot. By the time I realized it wasn’t some irritant like soap or dry skin, it was too close to the weekend to see a regular doctor with a normal appointment. So we waited. I saw my Dermatologist last Tuesday. He was very concerned, giving me instructions involving medicine, toe spacers, frequent washing, and putting my foot up above the level of my heart as much as feasible.

Unfortunately, I’m bored. Putting my foot up a lot severely limits my computer time. I am getting a fair bit of reading done, but… I still miss my computer. Especially the friends it lets me stay in touch with, even if I don’t write much beyond responses to what they write most of the time. {odd smile}

The good news is, it seems to be helping. He was favorably impressed with the improvement when he saw it again on Thursday. He should be happy when he sees me again next Friday, since it’s improved more since.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  1. I'm so glad you got your foot taken care of! Setting around with your foot propped up does sound like it wouldn't be much fun. Not even able to get to the computer- no wonder you're going stir crazy.

    1. Thanks, Chicory. {Smile}

      I can use the computer a little, but I have to be entirely too careful about rationing my time for comfort. {rueful smile}

  2. Ah. That makes sense. I hope you'll be up and around again soon. :)