Saturday, May 21, 2011

Computer Update {Smile}

I'm relieved to report that my new computer is officially handling email a lot better now. Kind of. Mostly. As in not perfectly, but I can live with this. {Relieved Smile}

I had taken the computer into the shop because it wouldn't delete old mail on the server, and I considered the ISP tech's recommendation that I do that myself unsatisfactory. The Computer Store kept it for a week and a half, then sent it home. Norman warned me that a Microsoft tech he'd talked to a few months before had said that deleting email was a "known issue," meaning they knew there was a problem, and they hadn't fixed it yet. So Norman fiddled with the settings. I'd had it set to delete email if I deleted it on my computer (spam), or if it was over a certain age. Suspecting the problem might be an "and" where an "or" was really wanted, he told it to stop deleting email because I'd deleted it as spam. Last weekend, the quantity of old email went way down at my provider's. I think a particularly large chunk of email suddenly got old enough to delete.

{sigh of relief} So it's working. Mostly. I still have to go in and delete the spam if I want to get rid of it quickly. However, my computer is deleting old-enough email on its own. I can live with this. {Sigh of Relief, worn but relieved smile}

So this week I've been getting back into the blogs I like to read, and trying to catch up with them. I’m also thinking about what else I want to get back into. I had been sticking almost purely to Facebook games because I feel better about dropping them without warning if my computer has to go into the shop. Since it shouldn't now, I can use my computer to communicate with friends and family members the way I like to, including making posts and commenting on others' posts here. {Relieved SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  1. I'm so glad you got your computer problem fixed- and I can identify with the frustration of not being able to delete e-mails. My college e-mail had a serious glitch that way, so much so that I stopped using it. Good to see you back. :)

  2. Thanks. I'm glad to be back. {Smile}

    The computer problem was pretty frustrating. I could delete email, but I had to do so. The computer wouldn't do it for me. One mailbox got over-stuffed, to the point where email was bouncing, and I couldn't get in to fix it. Now, that shouldn't happen. I do go in to delete spam every few days, but it would delete on its own eventually. I just don't want to keep those. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin