Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dad yet again

Dad saw the doctor again. He still should keep his leg up, but he does not have to go back. Also, he may now drive. {pause, sigh}

Thank god. Now maybe life can begin to return to normal. {pause} I hate to complain when Dad has been hurting, and Mom busy keeping everything going, but this pretty totally wrecked what little off-line social life I have. It got bad enough, it was hard not to withdraw online as well. (I do hate when that happens.) I don't think I entirely avoided doing that. {small smile}

I'm hoping things will return to normal soon. {cross fingers, small smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  1. I hope he's feeling good about being able to drive, again. Terrible thing to lose one's mobility. I know that my dad would hate not being able to drive--or walk, either one.

    When I'm feeling stress, I don't much feel like talking, either.

  2. Thanks. He does like being able to drive again. He did hate to be so immobile. Now, tho, he has a nasty case of hives he can't seem to get rid of. He sees the doctor about them for the third time tomorrow. I hope they find something that works soon. {smile}

    Thanks it's very frustrating to find I'm going quiet like that. {rueful smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin