Friday, October 28, 2016

The Great White Lion

I found an old "silly kitty story" about Alban, Valentine's predecessor. I thought I might as well share it. {Smile}

The Great White Lion

Back when we used to play AD&D regularly, we had a particularly... INTERESTING AD&D game. {wink}

In getting ready for the first encounter, Dad arrayed a bunch of monster counters on the table. The monsters were promptly attacked by a humongous white lion: Alban decided to sit on them.

We chuckled over Alban's "attack", and chatted and such for a while, partly because we weren't ready to start, and partly because we couldn't see the monsters for the first battle. {grin}

Eventually, Alban decided to get up and go visit some of the nice people who were obviously sitting around the table just to admire him. With the monsters free, we got out some of the figures for our characters, and started to arrange them to show our marching order.

The party was promptly attacked by a large white lion. I cannot understand how Alban can stand sitting on a bunch of lead lumps with poky parts sticking out in various places. Alban insists there is no problem. Now what? We couldn't see our figures to see where we were or who we were fighting. Not with Alban on top of most of them. I started pulling out the ones I could see, and Gabe got a couple further underneath. We had to endure dirty looks and dodge a few bites, but we got them. {BIG GRIN}

Since we had two sets of characters that night but were only really using one, Alban still had lots of nice figures to sit on, but not the ones we were using. Of course, since they weren't the ones we were using, Alban lost interest in sitting on them part way through the battle. He wandered over to sit on Mom's stuff, so he'd be really convenient for petting.

We heaved a sigh of relief. Now we could see the battlefield much better without Alban in the middle of it. Mom decided to bribe Alban to stay with her by giving him lots of nice "fishy treats" while we continued the battle. Alban obligingly ate up his favorite snack. Then he got up, and strolled back to the figures, which he sat on again.

Gabe carefully arranged THE CHAIR to be even more enticing than usual. Not only did it have that nice cushion, now it had kitty toys and fishy treats on it, and was right next to Gabe, and pulled out to be ever-so-easy to jump down onto.
Alban gave it a disdainful look.

Gabe smiled, patted it encouragingly, pointing to the fishy treats and the toys. He even took a fishy treat, held it so Alban could sniff it, and put it back on THE CHAIR.

Alban was not going to be bribed.

Pulling one or two figures farther from him so people could see their characters and opponents, we continued the battle. The rest of that battle, several days' march, and a few minor encounters later, Alban finally decided to get up and stroll over to claim Leonora's chair. Amid much laughter, which Alban did not condescend to notice, we moved his chosen chair and got Leonora another. Gabe also brought the fishy treats and toys from THE CHAIR. Alban did eat the fishy treats no that they were convenient.
Luckily, Alban had finally settled down for the rest of the night. The rest of our game proceeded without any more encounters with the Great White Lion. {sigh of relief, REALLY BIG GRIN}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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