Saturday, November 23, 2013


We’ve had a bit of a repair saga this past week. The freezer has been icing up. On Tuesday, it got bad enough, the fan blades regularly hit the ice. So we tried defrosting it on our own Tuesday morning.

Then in the evening the toilet stopped flushing. It was definitely broken. Fortunately, we know a plumber lives a few houses down the street. Literally. So we called them that morning. He and his assistant looked at it before breakfast, fetched a part, and fixed it that morning. I do like quick service. {Smile}

The freezer had started icing up again Wednesday afternoon. Dad called a repairman. We expect him repairman tomorrow around 10. We’re more than a little surprised the repairman suggested working on a Sunday, but it was his idea, not ours. {spread hands, shrug} Since church starts too early for Dad and me anyway tomorrow, we might as well stay home and get our fridge fixed. Hopefully. {cross fingers, smile}

Just… don’t let anything else break. This is enough! {wry look}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  1. Definitely sounds like enough stuff breaking. Yikes! I'm glad you had someone nearby to do repairs. Wow- the week before Thanksgiving, too.

    1. Thanks, Chicory. Yes, it's nice that we knew someone nearby to fix the toilet. {Smile}

      The fridge is also fixed now, I'm happy to say. The repairman came and fixed it. It was a major ice blockage in the drain pipe. It sure took a lot of near-boiling water to break thru the block. I think he was just about ready to open it up and see if a gecko had crawled in there. He claimed that had happened at least once. He also showed us what he was doing, so if it happens again, we might be able to fix it ourselves. {cross fingers, tentative smile} While he was doing the rest, he also leveled the fridge, because it was tilted back entirely too far. {Smile}

      Yes, the week before Thanksgiving is a tough time for appliance trouble. Tho maybe that should be weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, since the fridge had been worsening for a couple of weeks already. {lop-sided smile}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin