Wednesday, May 27, 2009

{raise head}

I'm sorry I disappeared so thoroughly this month. At the beginning of the month, a Facebook-based game a cousin got me into developed a really nasty bullying problem. I was a target.

I didn't take this well. {small smile} Unfortunately, I holed up until I'd fixed what I could, and gotten past it enough to feel better again. {smile}

So here I am, weeks behind on LiveJournal and the blogs I try to keep up with both. I'll try to catch up and keep up again, but I can't make promises, especially at first. {Sigh} I'll just have to try my best, but I do hope I'm back. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  1. I was wondering what happened to all my blogging buddies, you among them. I haven't turned out to be much of a fan of Facebook. As for the bullying; I'm shocked. You'd think we'd be all grown up by now, and have left the bullying behind in High School.

    I was so bullied in the first elementary school I went to, so I know the feeling. By the fifth grade, it was turning into a nasty rivalry, so I was glad to bid that school goodbye when we moved.

  2. Unfortunately, I'm a gamer from way back. So is a cousin I've re-connected to thru Facebook. So are a couple of friends who are on there as well as elsewhere on the net. So are a couple of friends the cousin introduced me to. And one thing you can't complain about with Facebook is a lack of games. {SMILE}

    I had a lot of trouble with bullying in grade school, too. Changing schools made a big difference for me, too. In Hilo when I was a kid, the public schools had a lot better control over bullies than a Catholic private school my parents sent me to for a while had. Things improved dramatically when I returned to the public schools. There was still a lot of teasing, but just teasing was an improvement. {Smile}

    Thanks. I do like this layout. The colors are nice and tweakable, so I can have the red and green I love in it. {SMILE}

  3. I try not to get sucked into the games. WAY too time-consuming!

    My first Catholic school was the one with the bullying problem. The second Catholic school did a much better job with bullying. I think it was just the culture.

    And in public-school high school, I was just left alone--not at all a target for bullies.

  4. I'm sorry, Anne. People suck sometimes. Glad you're back, though!

  5. I'm sure that many Catholic schools are good at controlling bullies, Tia. The one I went to wasn't one of those. {lop-sided smile}

    Thanks Blair. {SMILE, HUGS} I'm glad to be back. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin