Friday, August 15, 2008

The World of the Dark Crystal

I recently got a coffee table book, The World of the Dark Crystal by
Brian Froud. It tells about the background of the movie The Dark
. I really enjoyed it, and not just because I have a weakness
for coffee table books. It starts with the history of how Brian Froud, the
concept artist, and Jim Henson, then head of the Muppets got together, came
up with the idea, and turned the idea into a movie. {Smile} They don't go
into a lot of detail, but they give a general idea.

I don't mind the lack of detail on that because the rest of the book
covers the history of the world the movie is set in. You get some glimpses of this history in the movie, but this book gives a clearer view. {Smile} It lets me glimpse other stories that happened earlier, and maybe what came just after. {smile} Those are fun to think about when I'm daydreaming. {SMILE}

I enjoyed the book, obviously. I finished it in a little under a week, which is doing pretty good these days. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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