Friday, June 13, 2008

No bees? {cross fingers}

The bees might have left. {cross fingers hopefully} I don't quite know why,
tho we suspect they prefer quarters that don't smell of wasp poison.

A day or two after I wrote about the termites and bees, I did spot another
bee at our woodpile. But that might be the last one we've seen. Mom has been
watching the woodpile from the laundry room every time she does the laundry,
and she hasn't spotted on in over a week. {hopeful smile}

Mom thinks they might have moved to a neighbor's unused woodpile. That's
just enough further away, we're very relieved. If the bees have really left,
we can now burn all the termite-y wood without getting stung. {SMILE}

Our carpenter bees really are quite gentle, but if they're ever going to
sting, it's when someone is trying to burn up their home. Hopefully, we
won't have to worry about that now. {Smile, cross fingers}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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