Saturday, March 29, 2014

A book for my cousin

With my recent bookbinding, since I hadn’t done the oriental binding style recently, and didn’t have instructions, Dad recommended I make a blank book as practice before tackling the one I wanted to keep. That sounded like a very good idea to me. I thought it turned out pretty well. {Smile}


In fact, I thought it turned out well enough to give away. One of my cousins loves handmade things. Even better, she’s an artist herself, so she can always use another sketch book. So I wrote to her, told her about it, and asked if she’d like it. I also asked if she’d like me to try to color the strings with a permanent marker, since sort of white strings don’t stand out well against offwhite covers. I told her which colors of permanent markers Dad and I had found that currently have working ink in them. {GRIN}

She very much wanted the book, and chose blue strings. I thought she liked blue. {BIG GRIN}


I think that looks even better. I showed it to my cousin, and she loves it. Now I just have to get around to mailing it. {SMILE, wink}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

P.S. Clicking the pins will take you to bigger pictures. Clicking again, to even bigger pictures. {Smile}


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